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Noise consultants

Consulting services in acoustics

About us

For years, the experts of SIBE Acoustics have been recognized for their involvement in several success stories across North America. SIBE's team strong desire in being handy, practical and comprehensive of our client's reality is what differentiate us from our competition.

SIBE is proud to be involved in the formation of local architects and engineers to-be as well as in the professional development of those practicing.

SIBE is committed to innovate, develop and actively participate in the well-being of its community.

Immeuble moderne Appartement


Avoid complaints

Inspection and site supervision

Your quality assurance

Construction Worker

Industrial acoustics

Working in a safe environment

Usine chimique
Photo aérienne d'une route

Environmental acoustics

Construction sites, road and traffic noises, factories, etc.


Room acoustics

Theaters, meeting rooms, classrooms, studios, etc.

Building acoustics

Architects, engineers, builders, general contractors, etc.

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Vues de l'appartement

Before buying your condo

Avoid unpleasant surprises

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Ontario & North America


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